Trick Trend at Magic Live…

One thing I noticed at Magic Live was a trend of tricks that use a penis. That’s right, tricks then ended with the production of a penis…and not the old Goshman sponge ding dong trick. Most of them had a component of Bob Farmer’s Little Hand trick, however there were a couple that completely different.

Let me start by saying, I’m not a prude, and I’m not sure how I feel about these tricks. I dislike Goshman’s sponge ding dong, however I do like some of these new penis tricks more. At the end of the day the strength of the trick is in the shock value of the production of the penis, so no matter how good the trick is magically, it will be overshadowed by the penis.

I will say that every time I saw the trick, it was in an appropriate place (informally at the bar). My worry is that someone that’s a less “aware” magician would do it at the wrong place and give magicians a bad reputation. So if you do decide to do a trick with a plastic penis, make sure you pick the right situation!

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