More Eyes…

Having a second set of eyes helps a lot when working on things. Every now and then when I do virtual shows I’ll sneak a friend into the zoom and have them write notes on the show. Recently my friend noticed a rookie mistake I made.

In my three shell game routine (my Russian Shell Game routine) I have a graphic overlay pop up with the numbers 1, 2 and 3.

I wear a white shirt and the numbers are white. My friend pointed out that they blended into my shirt. It was a simple fix to add black borders to them for the future

Now they’ll work with pretty much any background.

Having a fresh set of eyes watch your show for little things make a big difference!

2 thoughts on “More Eyes…”

  1. Great article which explains the importance of having a second set of eyes. As virtual magic is a new start, there are many things that needs to be considered. The way your friend spot such a little mistake is really wonderful. It helps to make the performance better in the future. Thank you.

    1. I consider myself very lucky that I have a great group of talented friends and we’re all willing to be honest with each other when giving feedback on our shows.

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