Magic Prop Management

Looking into other performer’s cases to see how they set up their gear is always interesting to me. I’m always interested in other magician’s solutions to holding props. In that spirit, here’s a peek into my table top from a recent show:

All the smaller hand held props are in the table top, then the larger props and emergency/alternate tricks are in my prop case:

I also keep a set list taped to the inside of my case.


2 thoughts on “Magic Prop Management”

  1. Louie,
    I appreciate you sharing how you organize your props. This is valuable information for performers. As for myself, my prop organization is constantly evolving, getting better, and being tested. Recently, I added a note to thank a client for allowing me to be a part of their child’s First Communion celebration. I emphasized the event’s significance for their faith and expressed my gratitude for participating.
    Dana Law
    San Diego

    1. Dana!

      Prop management is always evolving. One of my favorite things is looking at other performer’s setups to see how they solve challenges.

      Thanks you notes are HUGE! I personally mail mine as I think it’s a nice surprise a couple days after the gig.


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