Leaving My Show…

One thing that’s great about my show is that I can fly with it. However right now my show is in the trunk of my car at the airport in Sacramento, I flew home during a gap between gigs in California. This summer I’m driving to all of my shows, this is due to rental cars being expensive right now and all of the reports I’ve been seeing about people with rental car reservations being denied a car because the rental car company over booked and there are no cars to rent.

Leaving my show in my car always causes me a little bit of stress. When I left the car I locked up my show case:

In my street show I do a chain escape, so my case is locked to my suitcase and they are both locked to my car by about 75 feet of chain! What that means is that if someone wants to steal my case, they can, it’s just going to be a pain in the butt! It’s not a quick smash and grab.

This gives me a little bit of peace of mind leaving it in another state.

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