Demi Deck – Review

I bought into the hype and picked up a Demi Deck while I was at Hocus-Pocus in Fresno.  Here’s a quick review of it. 

First of all, it works exactly how I thought it would work. If you think about it, there’s really only one way it can work.  I wasn’t buying it to figure out how it works, but it’s an interesting prop. 

Let’s get into actually doing the trick.  I was doing it for the groups of people who showed up as I was packing up the show.  I would tell them when my next show is and then offer to show them a quick trick and would do the Demi Deck.  It got good reactions from the people. 

Next there’s the angle issues.  It’s pretty solid from the front, I probably personally wouldn’t take this out for a roving gig where I’m going to be surrounded. But for a group of 4 or so people in front of me, the angles are pretty solid.

Now here’s what I like and why I bought this trick.  This reminds me of old school Tenyo tricks where the method is frequently more interesting than the trick. It’s just a gimmicky trick that’s fun to do!

Personally this will probably never be in my “paid” close up work. Is it something that I’ll show people who are at my house…yes!


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