Making Videos More Watchable

When putting out videos whether it’s social media videos or promo videos for my shows or magic products, one thing I try to avoid are things that can cause the viewer to click away. I’m not an authority on this, but I’ve noticed that using less copyrighted music seems to give me less ads on my videos. That’s the last thing you when someone is watching you promo, them having to get through an ad!

One of the ways that I do this is with music where I license the rights to use, so there’s no copyright issue that YouTube or whatever then tries to monetize. The service I use is Envato Elements and it has a HUGE catalog of music that you can sort by length, style, beats per min and even by instruments!

Another thing that I do on my booking website is that my videos are hosted by JWplayer. This allows me to host videos and not have YouTube put ads on it or “suggested videos” at the end of it. In fact I have the video on my booking website to play “suggested videos” of mine in a specific order if someone wants to keep watching more than my general sizzle reel!

I think that paying for a service like JWplayer is totally worth it as after my promo I don’t have to worry about YouTube suggesting a competitor’s video!