Samson Airline Mic

Whenever I work with an act that uses a Samson Airline Microphone, I always know at some point it’s going to give them some trouble. I know tons of performers swear by these microphones, however I’m not convinced. Usually there’s interference or the just plain drop out during the show.

Part of the problem could be that it has a very limited number of channels it can use. If there’s already things on the three frequencies it can use or other things trying to use them, that may be the problem.

It could be that the people who swear by these mics work in small venues that don’t have a lot of other radio frequencies going around. They may work perfectly at a school, but take it out to a busy fairground where there’s a lot more trying to use radio frequencies and from what I’ve seen, you’ll have trouble.

I use a Sennheiser mic pack and it has tons of channels it can scan. Sure it’s more expensive, but it’s never let me down (except for operator error).


Flying with sound

roland street cube EX

Last night I hopped onto a plane to head to a gig and my carry on is my sound system. This PA fits in the overhead compartment, so I don’t have to check it. I do frequently check it inside of a suitcase, however I’m travelling light this trip.

I use a Roland Street Cube EX, what I like about it is that it can run off of battery power. It uses 8 AA batteries and not an internal battery. If it had the internal battery, I’m not supposed to check it. Also if I forget to charge it, it’s easy to replace them. I do use rechargeable AA batteries in the system, so I’m not constantly buying them.

When I bought this, I needed three inputs for my show, however I currently only need two. If I was to buy one now, I’d get the standard Street Cube and save a couple of bucks.