Magic Mondays in Seattle

In Seattle there’s a monthly magic show called Magic Mondays. It’s been running for a couple of decades (probably longer) that takes place at a bookstore. This show is basically an open mic for magicians. I always try to do the show if I’m available on the night the show happens. It’s a great place to work on new material for a friendly audience.

alakasam, master payne, eric stevens and louie foxx

Normally the show is hosted by Jim Earnshaw, but he had a family emergency, so I stepped in and hosted the show!

The fun thing about last night’s show was the variety in styles of magic that was performed. This show is the best deal magic show deal in Seattle as it’s FREE! You never know who you’ll see, from beginners, to magician on tour that happen to be in Seattle and have a night off and everything in between!

magic show audience

This show happens the 2nd monday of the month at 6:30pm! It’s totally worth checking out if you’re in Seattle!


Warp Two by Eric Stevens

Recently I was hanging out with some magicians and Eric Stevens showed us is Warp Two. Essentially this is a card where the image moves and and looks really strange.

I was playing with it and had an idea for how to work it. Then I saw post from Kevin Peel that he needed people for his Virtual Open Mic Magic show that happens on Wednesdays. I decided to pop in and try out the trick.

It’s a quick bit, but I think the idea of using your glasses to show the image change is a good quick presentational hook and much better than, “hey watch this”.