Write Your Name On It!

A few weeks ago I was packing up to head out on the road and perform my show with World of Wonders side show in North Dakota, I noticed that my rechargeable batteries and charger was missing. I tried to find some at stores along my drive to Minot, ND, however nowhere sold a charger than held more than two batteries. My show uses up to 12 batteries between my mics and PA.

I was about to order a new set, but then I got a text from the sound company with a picture of my charger and batteries!

It turns out that writing your name on your stuff actually helps get it back to you if you forget it somewhere. I’ve always written my name on props, and cords and this is the first time that it’s come in handy. I’m glad I did, these are in the mail to me now and I won’t have to buy a new set.

Look at the props you have, especially things like cords where there could be a lot of them that look similar in a backstage area and write your name on them. It may help reunite them with you!

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