The Show Doesn’t Have to Go On…

I got home a couple of days ago from a large booking conference. On my way home I got a text from a text from someone that I hung out with that they tested positive for COVID. I got home and had a negative test…but the next day I tested positive.

That means that I had some choices to make. I tested positive on a Thursday and had a holiday event on Saturday. According to the CDC guidelines, I would still be in isolation. My symptoms are pretty mild, so do I just bang out the show and do a no contact show?

My answer was to cancel the show…well have a friend of mine fill in for me. I could have done the show and gotten the cash, but it’s really not a good look doing a show when you’re sick.

People always praise Michael Jordan for playing in the “flu game” where he had a 103 temperature. Many years ago I’ve done the show very sick or physically hurt. One time I did a show right after I was in a car accident! I think times have changed and booker will look down on you if you do the show while visibly sick, especially if there are other options.

The show doesn’t have to go on.

For me the doing the right thing was more important than the cash.

PS: Having to cancel this gig was a blow to my plan of only working 3 Saturdays in December…but about an hour after I cancelled it I got an email from a gig that I had contacted me a while ago wanting to book for next Friday!

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