Remembering an Old Seattle Magician

Recently I was hanging out with some magicians working on some new magic and someone looked up and saw the cards on the ceiling and wondered who put them there.

card on ceiling magic trick by cliff gustafson

I immediately knew, it was Cliff!!

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A short film about magic cliff gustafson

In the 1990’s I met Cliff Gustafson, he was a Seattle magician who worked a lot of bars in the Seattle area. It feels like he worked 1-2 bars a night seven nights a week! He stood out, he wore a tuxedo with a bowtie and everyone knew him!

Cliff wasn’t the best technical or original magician in the world, don’t get me wrong, all the tricks he did were solid! What he excelled at the hardest part of performing magic, he was likable! When you watched Cliff perform, you instantly liked him!

Cliff was always really cool to me, and you can watch a short documentary about him that has some clips of him performing at:

Cliff passed away in 2016, and Seattle lost it’s hardest working magician!


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