Magician Promo Pics…

The amount of magician’s promo pics that are cheezy, hack, or just plain bad is staggering. The goal of a promo pic is to get your personality out. I think a lot old school logic is that they need to know you’re a magician. You wouldn’t know that from David Copperfield’s pic on his billboard.

I know what you’re thinking…it’s David Copperfield, he doesn’t need that. You’re right, the billboard has some context, like his name.

Guess what? Your promo will also have some context, like your name and what you do.

You don’t have to be holding a fan of cards in your pic, they goal it to get a little bit of your personality out. Look at the headshots of the headliner’s on any comedy club’s website, you’ll see a lot of personality coming out in those pics.

Recently I had some pics taken and I was goofing around and this pic came out of the photo sesssion:

Is it the best pic to promote a magic show? Probably not.
Does it show much more personality than a me holding a fan of cards or having an ace in my sleeve? YES!

Try to show off yourself in your pics!


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