Magic Meals!

Whenever I travel I always try to meet up with the magicians in that area! Since Chris Beason and I were in Canada last week to see Harrison Greenbaum’s show, there were a lot more magicians out than if I was just randomly in that town.

chris beason, rob tzeka, chris uhill, and glen lebarre

Before the show we got to have dinner with many of the the magicians in British Columbia!

Then after the show we got to have second dinner with the Norden’s and Harrison.

Mike norden, chris beason and harrison greenbaum

And the next day we got to have lunch with Reg Donnelly and Paul Romhany!

Chris beason, paul romhany and reg donnely

Paul knew, but didn’t mention that he had won the literary award from the magic castle! They announced it the next day.

It’s always fun to hang out and swap stories with magicians! If I’m ever in your area, shoot me an note, if I’m available, I’d love to kick it!


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