Keep It Legit…

With almost every performer out of work right now. The federal government expanding unemployment to cover “gig workers” and performers are the original gig workers. My state a few days ago opened up their unemployment benefits to self employed people…people who traditionally don’t qualify for it. I applied the first night it was open and was granted benefits.

As a result of me being one of the first variety performers that I’m aware of to actually get the benefits, I’ve ended up being a consultant as to how to get the unemployment benefits from the state. I don’t mind helping people, however I’m quickly learning that people need to be grown ups and help themselves before a crisis.

When people contact me and ask for help to fill out the forms, I ask them if they’ve paid state taxes. About half of them have. Well guess what…how to you prove to the state that you’re a business if you didn’t pay them? All that work under the counter to save a couple of bucks is going to cost people thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars when they need it!

My unemployment claim was easy to file and quickly approved because it’s correct. Keep your books legit now and it will help you in the future!

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