Adding Some Hype To Your Show

Recently I’ve been to a few sporting events and one of the things I pay attention to the the pageantry of the introductions of the teams. It hypes up the crowd, and it reminds me about the importance of introductions. Simply having someone say your name as you walk onstage works, but it doesn’t put energy into the room.

Yes, I understand that not everyone wants crazy energy put into the room, and it can be done in a low key sort of way.

The other place that sports add energy are in between plays. They’ll either have upbeat music, crowd play along things, or video elements. In a magic show, we have time like that in between tricks or when bringing people up onto the stage.

Those are great times to add music, jokes or something to keep the crowd engaged with you that’s not dead time.

This is where watching your show on video is helpful. If you have a hard time watching your transitions between tricks, this is the area you need to work on. Go to a baseball game and see how they do it…


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