Putting Butts in Seats

I’m always reading on social media that people are upset that their name isn’t on programs and instead a generic “magic show” is used. Honestly, given the choice between just my name or just what I do, I’d rather have just “magic show” on the schedule. It’s going to put more butts in seats than my name with now context.

Last week I was performing at a fair and they used just my name on the schedule, with no context, not one knows what I do.

magic show sign

I took a dry erase marker and added some context to my name.

magic show sign

There’s not really a way to definitely tell if it made a difference. My first show of the day before I added it, I had no audience 15 mins before showtime and had to talk it up. The other three shows had people sitting in chairs waiting for the show when I started my talk up. My non-scientific test tells me it made a difference.

My advice is to get over your ego and put butts in the seat.


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