Standing Audience

This weekend I’m working at an oddities expo in Phoenix, AZ. I did one of these last year in Michigan and with this one being my second one, I’m viewing it with a different lens than my first one.

oddities expo

The first challenge is that the audience is standing, there’s no seating for them. Here’s my view from the stage before the expo opened.

oddities expo

With no seating, getting audience members to commit to the show is very different than if they were seated. This is really street performing on a stage, versus a stage show.

In the last year I’ve been transitioning my show to be more of a theater style show, so this was a challenge for me material wise. Each show the first day I made some changes and it’s gotten better, but it’s still got a long way to go to hit hard for this situation.

I’d love to say how hard I killed, but I didn’t, I’m doing OK and treading water. If I did more than one of these events a year, I’d probably get way better at it, but with only one, improving the show for the venue is slow and difficult.

Today I’ll be better than yesterday.

– Louie