Brass Magic tricks!

Recently I acquired a whole bunch of brass magic tricks. This appears to be all stuff from the early 2000’s and a lot of it was really tarnished.

brass magic tricks: flying coins, ring casket, bill tube, screwed up

I spent some time and elbow grease to clean them up a little bit. Below is a comparison of the two cups from a set of Flying Coins, one before and one after cleaning.

flying coins brass magic trick

I like a nice patina on things, but sometimes patina just look funky. These look a lot better after a quick cleaning!


Get with the times…

One thing in magic we need to move beyond is the yellow face imagery. Recently in a magic collectors group someone posted they had gotten the prop below:

For some context, this isn’t an original prop, it’s a reproduction that was made sometime in about the last 20 years. They were reproduced by Magic Makers, and since then several other companies have put them out.

I mentioned the imagery was offensive to me and one magician told me to “get a life“. Clearly they don’t understand the history of this imagery. It was used in the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s to portray Asians as sub human. You can learn more about the history behind how the imagery was used here:

If you look at whole design of the prop it’s not just the face, but that he’s in jail!

I will say that I have less of an issue with the original as a collectible prop, as while I’m not a fan of it, it was “socially acceptable” at the point it was made. That doesn’t make it right, and it has no place in a show and no place as a retail item that’s currently being made.

Get with the times…