Being a Good Podcast Guest…

Recently I was the guest on a podcast that interviews people within the fair industry. Here’s the interview:

Listen to “Louie Foxx, – Master Magician presented by Countyfairgrounds” on Spreaker.

One thing you’ll notice that I answer every question with story. I don’t give simple answers, and my stories (usually) go somewhere. You’ll also notice that when I need to think, I repeat the question they just asked me.

A final thing you’ll notice is how I put context on my answers. Right now (May 2020) is a very strange time and hopefully a unique time. When the host asks me what events I have lined up, I have to put a verbal asterisk on the questions. I do that a couple of times in the interview and explain when this was recorded so that someone listening when things are back to normal understands why I answered how I did.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Caela Bailey

Caela Bailey, a.k.a The Gutter Queen, sits down with Matt and Louie in studio. Caela explains what it means to be a “Gutter Queen” and also what it is like growing up the daughter of vaudevillians.

She also talks about what it is like to grow up performing at the Oregon Country Fair and how that has influenced her music today. A great interview with lot’s of laughs and stories about princess’s