Visiting Hocus Pocus!

I started my first long run of the year this week. It’s a 10 day gig in Indio, CA. I flew into Fresno, CA, rented a car and then drove 5 hours to Indio. The nice thing about flying into Fresno is that I got to swing by Hocus Pocus and dig through the boxes of magic there!

I’m also always on the hunt for old Cincinnati stock cards from the US Playing Card Company, and found a ton of them

old stock bicycle playing cards

One of the things I picked up is this shell game set (maker unknown) and it will make a great addition to my three shell game collection!

They had some oddities (mostly gaffs) there and that’s something that I’m into! Here are a couple that are for sale on their website:

While I was there I put a two things for my collection. The first is a “snapping turtle” which is an alligator in a turtle shell:

snapping turtle gaff

And the other is what a side show would call a mummified devil or mummified alien.

mummified devil

If you’re ever in Fresno, there’s a ton of magic there (and some oddities!) and it’s totally with the trip!


Digging Around at Hocus Pocus!

One of the things that I like about performing in Fresno is getting to visit Hocus Pocus! I love digging through their bins of junk magic looking for things like packet tricks, or strange little props that were never commercial successes.

One of the things I like to do is buy them and try to figure out better ways to do them, or other effects to do with the gimmicks. I should be posting some videos in the next couple of weeks of what I found!

Keep an eye out!