What is a Brick and Mortar Magic Shop

When I travel I always try to support local magic shops. Recently I was performing in Kansas City, there’s a Magic Shop that’s website says it’s the only brick and mortar magic shop in the city.

I’m glad I read a bit deeper on their website as it says it’s open by appointment only. That saved me a trip driving out to a place that wasn’t open. However that got me thinking, is a shop that’s only open by appointment really a brick and mortar magic shop?

Technically I guess it is. Based on a quick internet search the criteria is that it offers a place where a customer can interact with the products before buying. However, if you don’t have regular hours, you’re really just an warehouse that people can visit.

I was in town for several days and the owner of the shop was never available for me to visit.

I try to support local magic shops, but sometime they make it impossible to do that. Sure, I could support them by ordering online, but that defeats the purpose of supporting a magic shop in a city I’m visiting. If they’re mailing it to me, I might as well order from my preferred online, family run magic shop that also has a location I can and do visit.