Jason Bishop at the Comedy and Magic Club

A couple of weeks ago when I was in Hermosa Beach performing at the theater there, I had a night off and I got to finally visit the Comedy and Magic Club!

comedy and magic club

The night I went was the night they have 10 comics and each does about 10 minutes.

comedy and magic club

It’s an interesting format, there’s no MC. Each act intros the act after them and when only doing 10 mins, it’s a super punchy show!

The night I was there magician Jason Bishop was performing. I got to know him a little bit when we were recording Masters of Illusion in 2019. Jason’s got a great style that fit well into a show with a bunch of comics. He did a great job addressing the change from comedians telling to jokes to him doing magic. He had a quick remark about it and got into the magic.

He opened with Balance (Joshua Jay) and had a great routine for it. I’d only seen it done on internet videos previously and wasn’t impressed by it. However after seeing it live, I like the trick a lot more. I feel like there was a middle trick, but I don’t remember it. He closed with doing a bit with his dog that began with a few comedy bits with it and ended with the vanish of the dog!

I’m glad I had a night off in Hermosa Beach and spent it at the Comedy and Magic Club!