Custom Vanishing Birdcage!

A couple of months ago I had my first custom made vanishing birdcage made. Then a recently the maker reached out to me and offered to tweak it as he found a better way to make part of it and if I sent it back, he’d send me an updated vanishing birdcage!

vanishing birdcage
vanishing birdcage

The new cage came in the mail a few days ago and it looks great! It’s always great when I can have props made to how I want them, not having to work around the “off the shelf” model of props.

Finding this maker was a lot of work! Someone mentioned his name a long time ago, then I made a trip to Canada to see a show and his name got mentioned by another magician. Then a few emails and I got the maker’s contact and arranged a meeting!

I think we get spoiled by how instant and easy things are on the internet, that we forget sometimes you gotta put time in to hunt down people. I’m glad I put in the time!