Alex Feldman is AMAZING!

One of the acts that I was most excited to see and work with at the Moisture Festival was Alex Feldman. Here’s video of the act that he does:

The act in the video is great example of taking things one step further, then one step further until you’ve done everything. The audience leaves with a sense that they’ve seen everything and the act has a definite ending.

Alex and I had a blast kicking it around Seattle. One of the things we chatted about was non-verbal communication. I’m not talking about “body language” but giving people instructions without words. We were trying to think of silent mentalism!

I did an interview with Alex for the Moisture Festival Podcast and you can listen to it at:


The Moisture Festival Podcast – Alex Feldman

In this episode of the Moisture Festival podcast we talk via zoom with funny man Alex Feldman. He tells us about how he came to be so funny without speaking and how he is able to find the sliver of funny in every place he performs.

We discuss some things he did during covid and how he got involved with the moisture festival. A great chat with one of the festival’s favorite performers.