St. Patrick’s Day Magic Trick

st patricks day magic trick

Here’s a rough idea I had for a St. Patrick’s Day themed magic trick that’s a “touch the screen” style trick. You’ll need a four leaf clover with the leaves numbered 1 to 4.

The rules are people will jump on leave for each number, the can only go clockwise or counter clockwise, back and forth NOT diagonally. They also cannot pass the stem.

The touch any leaf, then count the number they’re touching, jumping one leaf per number.

They’re not on the 1, so remove that one.

st patricks day magic trick

Now they spell IRISH jumping one leaf for each letter.

You can now eliminate the 2 and 4 and reveal they are on the number 3!

st patricks day magic trick

NOTE: It might be good add a phase after they spell IRISH, where you eliminate the 4. Then have them spell LUCK, then eliminate the 2 and reveal they are on the 4. That might make it seem more random?

That math seems to checkout, and feel free to use this for whatever…


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