Trying to Save Travel Time

When I travel I’m always looking for ways to save time in lines at the airport. Little things can make a huge difference. One of the things is to know the weight of your luggage and how heavy it can be without an additional charge before you get to the airport. This saves you having to move stuff from bag to bag while you’re checking in.

Something new I’m trying is an electronic bag tag. Mine is specifically for Alaska Airlines, which is the main airline that I use.

Alaska Airlines has allowed customers to print a bag tag for years, but you need a printer and I don’t always have access to one. The advantage of using the electronic bag tag is that I can update it with my phone. This lets me skip the line where you print your own bag tag and I can proceed direct to the bag drop.

I’ve taken this on two trips and it’s saved me a lot of time! I’m a fan…until it gets ripped off of my luggage. The strap seem secure, but I’m predicting the worst!


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