Support Magic Shops!

When I’m out and about I try to support brick and mortar magic shops. There aren’t that many left and when I’m travelling they can be very helpful when I need to replace a prop or get some strange supply like rough stick.

Last week I visited Market Magic Shop and picked up a hoodie!

Market Magic shop

Then a couple of days later I was in Astoria Oregon and visited The Magic Shop and More and hung out with Seth Howard.

Magic shop and more, astoria oregon

While I was there I picked up an old, thick stock jumbo invisible deck! I really want it for the thick cards, it doesn’t really matter that it’s roughed on one side as I’m not going to use it for the invisible deck trick.

If we want these magic shops to continue to exist, we need to support them by buying from them. Not just a deck of cards, but actually shopping and making more meaningful purchases.


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