Safety Pin Trix

One of the things I’m trying to do is be better with my time while I’m on the road. When travelling and performing in cities away from home, there’s a lot of free time. I usually go out and see the local sights, and hang out with the other acts, however there’s still a lot of down time.

One trick that I do in my close up is the Linking Pins and I use Jerry Andrus’s gimmicked pins, but I’ve never really gone through Jerry’s book. This morning before I headed out to the airport I grabbed my copy of Safety Pin Trix and some regular and gimmicked pins.

I’m planning on going through the book in my hotel room. I’m hoping there will be some things in it that I can add to my current routine!


2 thoughts on “Safety Pin Trix”

  1. I am interested to purchase the gimmick and the whole trick. Is it again available? Please let me know.

    1. Unfortunately they haven’t made good sets of the Andrus Pins in decades. I buy the original ones whenever I can find them.


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