Ring on Rubber Band…

The trick I’m working on is Ring on Rubber Band. I’ve got the technical end of Russ Niedzwiecki’s Pinnacle routine figure out. I had to make some adaptions to how he handle the ring and band. In Russ’s routine he holds the ring and band at belly button height. I want to move it up closer to my face, so a couple of the hand positions needed to be tweaked.

Now that I can technically do the routine, I need to figure out what to say. One way to do this is start by writing what you have to say, then figuring out how to make it funny. Here’s what I need to say and the important actions that accompany them:

"I've got a ring and a rubber band."

Show ring in right hand and rubber band looped around the index finger and thumb of your left hand. 

"The ring will pass through each side of the rubber band, one side at a time.  The pass back through each side of the band"

Ring passes through each side to have the rubber band in the middle  of it, then passes back through to be completely free of the rubber band

There’s really not much to say right now, and it’s clear to me that the routine needs a presentational hook, and some sort of ending. That may be a joke at the end, but simply going onto the rubber band and then off lacks an ending.

In tomorrow’s post I’ll start to write some things to say.

3 thoughts on “Ring on Rubber Band…”

  1. Wonderful information. Ring on rubber band trick is widely known still it is able to surprise people. It is nice to have this trick up our sleeve. The way of holding the ring is very important and must be practiced. After mastering the holding of the ring, we are only stretching the rubber and the one who is looking thinks that the rubber passed through the ring.

    Thank you for sharing your experience of experimenting with different hand positions. It can definitely make the illusion better.

    1. Hey Riccardo!

      Yes, it’s crazy the difference moving the bands up to my face makes! In addition to making it play larger, it plays better as people can see my face.

      Right now I’m messing with the Pi ring on rubber band routine. It’s going to take some work to move some of the hand positions up higher.


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