Ring and Silk

A trick that I love, that you don’t see very often is the Ring and Silk. This is usually a sequence of a silk magically going on and off of a ring. I think this trick isn’t common is that it’s most common method makes it a better stage trick than a parlor trick and definitely not a close up trick.

If you do a search on this blog you can read about my version of a Silk and Ring routine that uses a coat hanger in place of the ring.

A couple of weeks ago when I was performing at the Moisture Festival I got to work with Steve Owen and he did the trick!

steve owen silk and ring

I got to watch it the first time on the TV in the green room, then the second time I got to watch it live. One of the cool things about Steve’s routine is that he uses multiple methods. This makes the trick a lot stronger. I think one of the drawbacks of the standard method is that you use it over and over and if someone catches it early on, the routine is no good for them. But mixing methods can cancel out methods.


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