Protecting Your Magic Release

Something that always surprises me is that part of marketing a magic trick for most magicians isn’t registering a copyright for their pics, art, trailer and ad copy. Especially for the larger magic companies, where when you search for major releases on sites like AliExpress there are soo many knock offs or pirated copies.

magic trick copyright

For me part of the process once I get the final version of the art, instructions and ad copy is to register the copyright. This cost $65, so it’s inexpensive, and you don’t need an attorney to do it. Once you get that copyright registration number, it gives you a tool to stop pirated or knock off versions from being sold.

I just got my certificate for my Take Out Box trick in the mail the other day.

You can read about how I enforce my copyrights and trademark here:

If you’re thinking about releasing a magic trick, make this part of your process.


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