Having the Blood of a Comic…

When I was 21 years old, I started performing in comedy clubs. I really came up through the open mic system. As a young comic you’re taught that stage time is more precious than gold. The more you go up, the quicker you get better.

The other day I was at a booking conference for the fair industry and the bar at the host hotel had a comedy night the day I was there!

I sent a text to a friend to find out who books the room, then a text to the booker and I ended up doing a guest set in the show!

The needing to have stage time is still in my blood! This also had a positive effect at the booking conference. When you checked into the hotel, the front desk really pitched you the show that night as it’s “free to hotel guests”, so everyone attending knew it was happening. As word got around later that night that I ducked out of dinner to do some comedy, I had people coming up to me asking me if I really did that. It lead to me meeting some people I probably wouldn’t have! It also cemented in bookers minds who haven’t seen me showcase in the past as what I do and that I’m actually funny.

I’m glad I did it!


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