Handling the Worst Case Scenario…

One of the things that I’m doing to stay creative is hosting a live, virtual variety show. I co-host it with a friend of mine and we have to write about 10 mins of new material each show. That’s helping keep me sharp, however the shows can be stressful, a lot can go wrong!

At our show last week, right after we introduced an act, our internet dropped. It completely cut off. That put us in a strange spot, as we do the show over zoom, so the act was still going. We ended up running the rest of the show using my cellphone as a hotspot. This was less than idea. However while we were getting that set up, we had to deal with what to do the the act that was performing.

Luckily the acts we book are all pros, and have dealt with having to fill time before. While one of us was setting up the phone as a hotspot, the other was calling the act that was performing live. We explained the situation, and he did more material while we moved internet connections.

We had the worst case scenario, losing internet happen. This wasn’t just a slow connection, the hard wired internet was gone! It was very stressful! Having acts that are pros, really helped it flow and not be a total train wreck.

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