Offensive Magic Routine…

Yesterday in a Facebook group Ray Franklyn posted this trick, which I find the whole presentation hook of the name Fu Ling Yu to be demeaning to Asians (full disclosure, I’m asian). It’s a joke that may have worked in 1945, but not now.

The BIG issue I have is that it’s not an original joke and doesn’t have a point of view. He’s making fun of a group of people for the sole purpose of making fun of them. And he’s put zero thought into why he does it. The Fu Ling Yu joke is older than me. He’s doing it because he saw someone else do it. That’s not art, that’s being lazy. Just because it was socially acceptable to do it 60 years ago doesn’t make it OK now. If he used the Fu Ling Yu joke to illustrate some larger point of view, I probably wouldn’t have an issue with it.

Do I think Ray Franklyn is racist? No, I don’t think that was his intention.
Do I think the trick that he choose to do was? Yes

As a creative exercise, I took the same routine and just changed the ethnicity of the magician.

Exact same routine. The only difference is that mine has a point of view and I had to delete my browser history after searching for those images.

Of the two videos on this post:
-One is art and has a point of view
-One is lazy, demeaning garbage

Please think about what you put out into the world, and if someone calls you on it, don’t just say, “I’ve been doing it that way for years…” Do a little soul searching and think about if what you’re doing hasn’t aged out.

3 thoughts on “Offensive Magic Routine…”

  1. What a cry baby. Comedy comes in all forms. Racist lmao not even close. Come on bro, be better. Make sure you don’t come to my show as you will be seriously offended. Actually please do, I’ll comp your ticket. Bring plenty of Kleenex

    1. Hmmm…Your website

      Is your material ‘clean’?

      While I mainly offer family-friendly entertainment, my shows can be adapted to fit ANY group! And I mean ANY group!

      I’m guessing that’s just BS then? Honestly if you think that trick is appropriate, then in my opinion the Ryan Beyer Experience is super racist and would recommend no one books it.

      I’m also very curious how you ended up finding that particular blog post?
      Were you googling, “offensive magic” or “racist magic”? Or are you just a new fan of the blog and have read through over 700 posts to get back that far?

      I’d love to be proven wrong, send me your tour dates and I’ll take you up on your offer for a comp ticket.

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