Abbott’s Day 5

I got up early after sleeping in my car, and caught Franz Harary’s lecture. It was more of a Q&A and he shared a lot about how he thinks and how he works.

Then I had a little birdcage jam with Thomas:

We got really nerdy about the cages, it was a lot of fun!

Then I ran into Larry Kahlow from Eagle Magic, which was the shop that I went to when I lived in Minnesota!

It was great to catch up with Larry!

Before the convention, my daughter had made some buttons out of the George Shindler’s beginner’s magic book. I ran into George and gave him one of the buttons!

When I gave him the button, he told me that he does the trick on the button. I told him it was his trick from his book!

The evening show was Lance Burton and Friends:

It was a fun show and got a deserved standing ovation!

I’m now trying to figure out how to get to Abbott’s next year. It’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be able to go, with me taking time off for FISM next summer.

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