Ghost Cards…

This is a packet trick revision of a trick called Ghost Cards. The following video has me do the trick as written in the instructions, followed by me trying to improve it.

The main problem with the trick as written is that there’s a lot of props and procedure to make one side of one card appear. In my revised version you can make four faces appear, which makes much more sense than just one. While not in the video, you can reverse the procedure to make the cards disappear at the end.

This is a trick that snuck into my close up set at the fair I recorded the video at. I forgot to take it out of my pocket the first day, and it lived there all week and I did it all week. It was fun, and I did it for people who had seen me multiple times as something different for them, but it’s not making it into the regular set.

4 thoughts on “Ghost Cards…”

  1. Thanks so much for this. I was recently going through a bunch of old effects and sorting through one’s I wanted to relearn when I found the instruction sheet for “The Ghost Cards”. And of course the cards were separated from the instructions so I was trying to reassemble it from my collection of cards/gimmicks. . Needless to say this is difficult to do when you don’t have the cards together in a packet and you find the instructions are a better “reminder” of how to do the effect than they are stand-alone instructions. I really like the handling you’ve presented and definitely prefer it to the original. I’ve been to chicken to really work on a classic force, so will probably have to substitute another for now.

    Thanks again!!!

    1. Hey Frank!

      I’m glad it helped out!

      I think adding the Flustration count to the end of the trick to show that 4 cards have appeared really adds a lot of impact to the trick.

      It’s fun finding old tricks you’d forgotten about and trying to relearn them.


      1. Sometimes I’ll swap the flustration count with a rumba count. Especially if I’ve already done a flustration count in the current or previous trick. Seems a little more convincing to me, but since I’m more of a hobbyist magician I might just be “running when I’m not being chased”, I imagine most spectators never notice.

        Now I just need to find 3 blank cards (I know I have a box of those) and a blank backer. Off to the box of misfit packet tricks! Glad I found this site, will start digging through the posts and see what other gems I can find.

        Thanks again!

        1. Frank,

          You’re right that doing the Flustration Count more than once lessens it’s effectiveness.


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