100 Mile Rule

There’s a rule that you’re not supposed to badmouth a gig until you’re one hundred miles away from it. The theory is that once you get 100 miles away, there’s no one connected to the gig that can overhear you say anything bad about it.

On this blog, or social media I try to use a 100 day rule. I try to get 100 days away from a gig before I either complain about it or post something funny/interesting to me, but may not be positive for the event.

That just makes it hard for anyone to backtrack to where you were. This is good if you’re giving non-specific info about the gig. There are plenty of bad gigs that I would return to, if it made sense and I don’t normally want to burn the bridge. Sure there are times when you need to burn it down, but that’s the 1% of bad gigs.


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