Magic 3D Printing Tutorial

One thing that’s been life changing for my show is learning to use a 3D printer. Recently I was part of a panel that was talking about 3D printing for performers and I made a quick video tutorial that took you through the entire design process of making a holder for a thumb tip and dollar bill holder.

Here it is:

Hopefully this took some of the mystery out of 3D printing. Honestly I thought it would be much harder, until I got one and learned to do it!

2 thoughts on “Magic 3D Printing Tutorial”

  1. Thank you to teach how to use the 3D printer. I have one and I like very much to draw different things I need. It is diffficult but I am learning little by little.

    1. Hey Gloria!

      It just takes some time, the nice thing is that there are a lot of premade things out there you can download as .stl files and then you can simply alter to get what you want.

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