Bill Robison – The Moisture Festival Podcast

In this episode of the Moisture Festival Podcast we welcome one of the festival’s favorites Bill Robison into the studio. We discuss Bill’s career performing for 10,000 seat arena’s opening up for people like Willie Nelson and Bill Cosby.

Louie Foxx, Bill Robison and Matt Baker at The Moisture Festival Podcast

We also hear about his time performing in a comedy duo called the Shneedles, and how they became one of the most popular variety acts in the German spiegaltent circuit. Also, we talk about his time doing mask theatre and how that has influenced his permanence style today. A great chat and a lot of fun to have this hilarious clown on the podcast.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – John Cornicello

If you have seen a photo from the moisture festival, you have seen John Cornicello’s work. He is one of two official photographers of the Moisture Festival and the guys were excited to have him in Studio.

They chat about his early career in advertising, what brought him to the Northwest and his time playing in a band that introduced him to the Moisture Festival. A fun interview and great to hear the stories from the guy behind the iconic photos of the festival.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Caela Bailey

Caela Bailey, a.k.a The Gutter Queen, sits down with Matt and Louie in studio. Caela explains what it means to be a “Gutter Queen” and also what it is like growing up the daughter of vaudevillians.

She also talks about what it is like to grow up performing at the Oregon Country Fair and how that has influenced her music today. A great interview with lot’s of laughs and stories about princess’s

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Matt “Bob” Stull

Matt ‘Bob’ Stull from the famous acapella group, The Bobs, is in studio. Matt talks about how singing telegrams led him to be part of one of the most successful acapella groups in the world and how they got roped into performing at the very first Moisture Festival.

The moisture festival podcast

They discuss the role the Bobs played in transitioning from do-wop to where acappella is today. They cover a variety of stories from performing on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, how their music came to be linked with Andy Kaufman and loosing an Emmy to the Pointer Sisters. A fun interview with lots of stories, laughs and a few surprises.