The Moisture Festival Podcast – Henrik Bothe

The Moisture Festival Podcast records from the Jupiter Hotel in Portland Oregon. In this episode, we interview Danish comedy juggler Henrik Bothe in room 219. Henrik talks about doing two command performances for Eddie Murphy, performing on the Gong Show, and the origins of his famous ‘Neon Man’ routine.

We also learn how Henrik came to be an animated gif for his plate spinning skills. A great talk with a multi-talented performer and one of the Moisture Festival favorites.

Randy Minkler – The Moisture Festival Podcast

This week we welcome one of the producers of the Moisture Festival, Randy Minkler, to the podcast. In this episode, Randy tells us about his Moisture Festival origin story, as well as his music career. He goes into detail about the art of putting together a lineup of talented performers and how to overcome the challenges that accompany this feat.

the moisture festival podcast

A great episode for everyone to listen to, especially those interested in learning about what it’s like to run a huge variety arts festival. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Master Payne

Beloved magician, Master Payne, joins Matt and Louie in the Moisture Festival Podcast studio. Payne talks about performing at renaissance festivals, balancing his magic career with a regular job and how he came to be called “one of the best children’s entertainers” by the esteemed Magic Castle.

They also discuss his time performing with the Jim Rose Circus and how fun it is to perform at the Moisture Festival. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Dan Shih

Moisture Festival Board Member, Dan Shih, joins Matt and Louie in studio. They talk about what it’s like to serve on the board of directors for the Moisture Festival, what meetings look like and why volunteering is so important in your community. Louie reflects on the time Dan’s daughter scolded him for not recycling and Dan describes how much his kids love attending Moisture Festival Shows.

The moisture festival podcast

A great interview with a great glimpse into one of the people who helps make the festival happen. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Tim Furst

Moisture Festival founder, Tim Furst, joins the Moisture Festival Podcast. Tim talks about how being a conscientious objector to the war in Vietnam led him to learn to juggle and, subsequently, perform in the famous juggling troupe the Flying Karamazov Brothers.

Tim Furst Juggler

We hear some great stories about Tim’s tours with the Flying Karamazov Brothers across the world, appearing in the movie Jewel of The Nile, and how the Russian government thought they were agents of chaos. Tim also talks about what separates the Moisture Festival from other festivals and why it has been so successful.

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Joey Pipia

Just like magic, it’s time for another Moisture Festival Podcast! This week we have magician Joey Pipia joining Matt and Louie in the Moisture Festival Podcast studio. He teaches Matt how to say his name correctly and talks about how he learned magic from the famed magician Slydini.

the moisture festival podcast with joey pipia

He also talks about how he used to be a professional gambler, how that led him to live in the Pacific Northwest and eventually involved with the characters that founded the Moisture Festival. A fun interview and some great stories from a veteran of the Moisture Festival. 

The Moisture Festival Podcast – Patrick McGuire

This week on the Moisture Festival Podcast we have award winning juggler and Cirque du Soleil performer Patrick McGuire! In this episode we chat about how he got into performing with Cirque du Soleil, learning from the legendary Michael Moschen, and juggling being a father and a professional juggler!

the moisture festival podcast with patrick mcguire

As promised in the podcast, here’s video of Patrick McGuire performing while taking his clothes :

Charlie Brown – The Moisture Festival Podcast

This week the Moisture Festival Podcast is back on the road visiting with legendary juggler Charlie Brown! We talk about the Oregon Country Fair, and how he got into juggling!

You’ll also hear about inciting riots in foreign countries!

Jennifer Wensrich – The Moisture Festival Podcast

This week Jennifer Wensrich drops by the Odd and Offbeat studios to chat with Matt and Louie. We chat about how she became the Director of Smooth Operations at the Moisture Festival and what it takes to put on the festival every year!

We also get into her background in dance and learn a little bit about sailing!

Christian Swenson – The Moisture Festival Podcast

Physical movement virtuoso Christian Swenson joins Matt and Louie in the Moisture Festival Podcast Studio. They talk about his early life studying dance, his interest in movement and how that led him to create his unique style of performance called “Human Jazz.”

They cover the variety of performance masters Christian has studied under and how he came to perform at the Moisture Festival. If you love Christian’s work, you will love hearing how it all began.