The Great Carazini

The other day my friend and great magician Terry Godfrey shared a video of The Great Carazini on his social media. There’s a lot I really love about this, but first here’s the video:

The act is well done and ad clearly something he’s done before. It’s character driven and doesn’t use a lot big props. The props he uses would play in a big theater or smaller cabaret. If he was doing multiple cabaret shows in a night, he could easily be popping around down with it as the set up is pretty minimal. For thing that had more set up (like the silks from mouth) he could have multiples set up.

The big thing is that the entire act frames his face. The act is about him and how he reacts to the strange things that happen. The whole act is great, I love it!

2 thoughts on “The Great Carazini”

  1. Great video. He performs the trick smoothly. Terry Godfrey is an amazing magician. The silk from the mouth is an amazing trick. Thank you very much for posting this video. People will love it. Keep posting such videos in the future also.

    1. Godfrey is an amazing magician!!!!

      I will keep posting vids as I come across them. Carazini does the balls from mouth better than anyone else I’ve seen!

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