Something about magic that I’ve never understood is magicians complaining about people exposing magic secrets. I’m not into secrets, but will use people exposing things to prove a point. Honestly, no one is searching out the secrets to magic tricks.

Fast forward to now, when everyone is giving away a free online lecture. The International Brotherhood of Magicians is having an daily lecture, as well as pretty much everyone else. Here’s the thing, no one has a barrier to entry. It’s all free, and open to anyone. Unfortunately, it’s all potential exposure.

Here’s my issue, when the IBM is against exposure, why are they freely giving out the secrets to tricks? There’s no barrier to entry, anyone can watch these videos. I’m going to restate my position that exposure really doesn’t hurt magic. You can’t take it both ways, if you dislike exposure and like these lectures, you need to reevaluate your position on exposure.

think about it, is there a test to watch a lecture in person? The only test is if you have $20 for the ticket. Same with all magic, there really are no barriers between the general public and magic secrets.

Don’t get hung up on secrets.