Real Edu-Tainment!

Last week I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Ed Kabotie. Ed plays music and talks about Native American issues.

What Ed does is talk about something like how the reservation has arsenic in the water from the mining companies, then sings a song about it. The education of the stats before the song and the passion he tell and sings with really brings home the point. The amount of people after his show that would come up to him and tell him the didn’t know about all of these things was amazing!

I wish I could do what Ed does.

I do a comedy magic show, and in the past there’s been some social commentary in it, but with how polarized we’ve become in America, it’s hard to put something in right now without people getting very offended that you don’t think like them. I think I may need to look at other things that are important to me, but less political and try to figure out a way to work that into the show.

I’m out there making people laugh, Ed is out there trying to educate the world!