Make Up Day…

Somehow I’ve gone my whole career without every having had to learn to do make up…until now. I’ve got a TV appearance coming up and previously every other time I’ve been on TV they’ve had a make up person who applied it to me.

This time due to COVID rules they aren’t having someone for us. So I hired someone to give me some lessons. Honestly I assumed it was something that was specialized as that’s someone’s job. I don’t need much as I don’t do anything dramatic with my look, I just don’t want to look shiny.

I’m super glad I hired someone to help me, it made picking out the right colors easy as I had no idea what I was doing. That’s the thing, especially with the internet, it’s easy to do find someone who can help you learn to do things. I simply reached out to a friend of mine who is an actor who referred me to someone that does make up. It was very painless…and something I should have learned to do at least a decade ago!

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