Halloween Gigs…

Today is National Magic Day, Halloween and also probably my least favorite day to perform. When performing for groups kid, family or adults, they all act strange when they are in costume. Some they try to play their character, and the rest just don’t act quite like normal people I don’t like it, and I haven’t really done Halloween gigs in about a decade. Sure, there are reasons ($$$$) that I would take one, so I won’t say that I don’t do them.

The other thing is what people wear isn’t always conducive to participating or enjoying a show. Costumes aren’t necessarily made for comfort, and they are full of visual distractions. Then you have mask which limit visibility and face make up which makes it hard for people to tell what someone’s doing with their face.

I know there are some people that are really into doing Halloween gigs and that’s great, with me not really doing them, there’s more work for everyone else.


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