Get To It…

When I was hosting the stage at a fair last week, I noticed a thing that separated the more professional bands from the ones that were probably more hobby bands. Before I tell you what it was, let me describe the scenario. We had an attraction near the stage that was active during our change over time, and when the attraction ended, I introduced the next band. the goal was to get people to leaving the attraction to come to our stage. During the band set up I would tell the band what the plan was, and as soon as I introduced them they should start.

The reality was that the majority of the bands would say they were ready to go and when I introduced them, they weren’t, or for whatever reason didn’t immediately start. This really confused me as to why they wouldn’t start. I would have about a 30 second intro of hyping the crowd and their intro. Then most bands would do the little “band huddle” or tune their instruments and sometimes it was a couple of minutes before they started playing. At that point they had lost all of the crowd walking by that was leaving the attraction.

What does that mean for a magic show? Be ready to start when introduced. It may mean walking from the wings, or whatever, but be ready to start your show. Don’t waste time by fiddling with props when you are introduced. Get to it. That doesn’t mean you need a flash opener, what I mean is that you need to start your show.

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