Emergency Audio Solutions

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post about a gig that I did that had a PA with only one input, where my show ideally would use three channels. Shortly after that gig I bought a small Maker Hart audio mixer that is designed for people to use on computers. I finally got a chance to try it out at a gig where they had a PA, but had a hand held mic and only one input.

Magic show audio set  up

The little mixer worked fine, it had a little bit of hiss, but I suspect I was probably the only one that noticed it. Given the choice of using my normal audio set up with a little hiss or using one (or two) less channels, I’ll take the hiss every time.

Sure I could get a better mixer, however this is an emergency mixer for me, as a mixer isn’t something that I normally provide for the venue. If they read my tech sheet, they’d know that I need three channels.

I’m going to give the Maker Hart Audio Mixer a solid rating as it does what I need it to do and doesn’t take up much space for something I hope I never need to use again…but know I will need in the future.


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