Bring it into the World!

One thing that really annoys me with magicians is when they post on social media that, “someone should make a…” and they list a prop that they’d like. Usually the prop is pretty specific and probably doesn’t have a wide appeal and that’s why no one has mass produced it. Sometimes it’s a good idea that has mass appeal, but that’s the rarity.

My response when I see that is usually, “Why don’t you make it?” and I usually never get a meaningful response. That tells me that those people are lazy and really don’t want the prop. I’ve personally invested tons of time and money into ideas that I’ve had because I wanted the magic prop to become a reality.

A year ago my buddy Matt had his first kid and I wanted to get a baby book for them. I wanted to get a fun, faux kids book for him to read to the baby about conspiracy theories, but unfortunately no one had written one and it didn’t exist. The lack of something I wanted prompted us to write that book!

The book is called C is for Conspiracy: The ABC’s of Conspiracy Theories !

This book has a different conspiracy theory for each alphabet letter and an rhyming description of what the conspiracy theory is. It took about a year to write and work with the illustrator from when we started writing to today when the book is officially available for sale!

The easiest way to get one is on Amazon, however I will have a limited number of hardbacked books that will be autographed by Matt and me. You can order them direct here and get free USA shipping:

C is for Conspiracy: The ABC’s of Conspiracy Theories $25

If there’s something you want to exist, put the time in and make it a reality!


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