Being a Good Podcast Guest…

Recently I was the guest on a podcast that interviews people within the fair industry. Here’s the interview:

Listen to “Louie Foxx, – Master Magician presented by Countyfairgrounds” on Spreaker.

One thing you’ll notice that I answer every question with story. I don’t give simple answers, and my stories (usually) go somewhere. You’ll also notice that when I need to think, I repeat the question they just asked me.

A final thing you’ll notice is how I put context on my answers. Right now (May 2020) is a very strange time and hopefully a unique time. When the host asks me what events I have lined up, I have to put a verbal asterisk on the questions. I do that a couple of times in the interview and explain when this was recorded so that someone listening when things are back to normal understands why I answered how I did.

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