Mikame Treasure Box

Yesterday I wrote about some collectible magic tricks that I had recently acquired. I was looking at the Mikame Treasure Box and thought it could be more than just a production of silks or spring flowers.

Here’s what I came up with:

@louiefoxx Vintage Magic Trick! Mikame Treasure Box! #vintagemagic #mikame #treasurebox #magictrick #silkmagic #louiefoxx #magic #magician #antiquemagic #vintage ♬ original sound – Louie Foxx

One of the things that I added and really like, but I think gets lost is that the single silk becomes tied to the chain of silks. There’s really not much to this, it’s just a couple of magnets. Then I think the trick needed a finish, besides a lot of silks, so ending with the drink production puts an end to the trick.

It was fun to brainstorm something fun with this prop!


Silver Rocket Box by Richard Himber

I’m a huge fan of Richard Himber’s magic. He’s put out some really interesting stuff and generally did a really good job of branding it. That’s why we have the Himber Ring the Himber Wallet and my personal favorite the Himber Pail.

At a recent auction a Himber Silver Rocket box was for sale and I managed to get it at a reasonable price. This is a box that’s about 6 x 4 x 4 inches that is show empty by opening all of the sides. The sides are then closed and you produce a lot of silks from it.

I really like the way the load chamber moves around for the production. It’s a great example of economy of motion in apparatus.

It’s a cool piece to add to my collection!